stripey giraffes

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I just finished these cutey patutey crochet giraffes: the one on the right is for my niece, Samantha, I hope she loves it!

I used this FREE pattern and this is my first project using the cotton yarn from Mo Marlon in Israel, of CrochetObjet. These are really pleasant and easy to work with and are available in 70 gorgeous colors! I want to share the joy and highlight her shop because of the quality of her yarn and extraordinary service.

This one is for our baby nursery:)

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give thanks

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 Counting my blessings this Thanksgiving.
Something I strive to do every day God grants me breath!
Zumba, our daily bread, completing our house project down the street, my husband!

Serving in children's ministry, my job for the past 8 years, family together,
my crafts and the joy they bring!

>>But while these are good things from above, I'm most thankful for the life I have in Jesus Christ.
 The more I know Him, the more my heart wants to explode with thanksgiving...
a thankful heart is a happy heart:)

(Noro) fingerless gloves

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Bring on the cold! I made these fingerless gloves more than a month ago and only just now posting. I've discovered (and splurged on) the lovely NORO brand yarn. This is Silk Garden #364 in Brown, Wine and Cream; it's part silk, mohair, wool, totally soft and lovely!

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rainbow doggy (crochet)

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Summer is over (what!) and I totally missed it. One of my top four seasons has arrived, that's right, fall-winter-spring-and-summer are all my favorite! Around June time every year, it never fails, I get the crazy Christmas craving. I promise I can practically smell frosted cranberry and pine in my nostrils and go into sweet reverie when I think about the first soft snowfall. But it doesn't matter what time of year, I'm always busy creating my own kind of sunshine in our corner of Ohio:)

 We're in the last stages in flipping the blue house down our street; we have about a month left. It's turning out beautifully and has been a super-fun journey! When this project is complete, I have nearly the next whole year planned out, home projects and growing my own craft business. Yeah!

I made this crochet cutie for my niece Amelia - I hope she loves it! Find the pattern here.

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spa (crochet) washcloth

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 A small project I've just completed, luxurious exfoliating spa cloths. These will be available for purchase in 2015 with my cold process soaps - in sets and free with purchase.

Measuring at 9.5" x 9.5", these washcloths are 100% cotton and totally irresistible

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