working 'til my fingers fall off

We've suddenly found ourselves in a very quiet, restful period of time. For now! Between flipping and selling a house down our street, and on the road to starting our family by newborn adoption, we're in a place of sweet contentment. We know we are so blessed in any stage that we have entered!
We're making best use of this transitional period we have with a few house projects (so maybe it's not restful in that sort of sense!)- I'm not on here so much but you can find me working on Instagram:) link on the right. My ETSY shop will be opening soon and I'm also spending a great amount of time preparing for craft shows later this year (already!).
Aaaanyways, let me just show you the pretty things I've been doing;)
Crochet Washcloths


these will be available for purchase at the shows -
check the Shows tab for locations in NE Ohio!

Something I said I'd never do, but I love them!! Doubled-up, totally cotton, adds soft color to our dinette. I'll be making more:)

Baby blankets! Can't have too many (at least I don't think so) -
I made a pile of them (in addition to those that I've already posted!), for a boy or girl (we don't know yet what our baby will be)... quick to whip up and oh-so-sweet!

One of the house projects that we're doing is creating the baby's nursery. Right now, the room is a warm yellow color, which I love!, but I'd like something brighter + softer - I will post pictures of the new look and how I've decorated it, it's going to be SUPER CUTE!! Lots of handmade items + one-of-a-kind touches;)
Cold Processed Soap
Last but most-definitely-not-least, actually my FAVORITE of all, is my natural cold process soap. I'm going crazy excited over these. I've been doing my homework on this for so long, and I'm extremely happy that mine turned out only as I could hope, the first time! CP Soapmaking is not like cooking, as I expected it to be - I cook like my mom, I throw things in like I want. It's more of an instinct. CP Soapmaking is more precise than even baking. It's a chemical process so the recipe has to be within 1/10th of an ounce. (Is "more precise," correct? If it's already exact, I can't make it more exact:) Unless I use the words "more accurate.")
Still, there's room to be creative!
This one is Pink Grapefruit topped with Sea Salt. Loaded only with oils and butters (Shea Butter + Cocoa and more!), my soap is going to be super lathery and incredibly soft! Now I just have to wait 4-6 weeks for it to cure before I can use it. This is my test batch, after that time, I will have more scents available for purchase in my ETSY shop! Rose Clay + Avocado oil facial bars, layered beach scents, I really took the time to create a line that is top-notch:)
Does this inspire you?

elephant (crochet)

I'm on an animal crochet kick, so after I finished my giraffes, I started on these elephants! The first one turned out cute - and I thought after the practice the second one would turn out better...nope! It was a minor disaster. It may be hard to see it in the pic, but the green elephant is all sorts of wrong, crooked ears, too loose stitches, and more crookedness. I never said I was Martha Stewart!


I've started making natural soy candles in these 6 ounce tin cans. They are incredibly fragrant (Pearberry, Bergamot and Mandorin) and have a clean burn! I'll give them a pretty wrap and they will be available for purchase at shows, would make sweet gift sets!

Does this inspire you?

craft room

I've waited an entire year to do this, I finally laid out my new craft room! This past year we found ourselves flipping a house down our street - what an adventure! - and so I put off growing my craft business. In the meantime, my mind was working fervidly - dreaming and planning for the 2015 year. My ETSY shop will open soon where natural, handmade soap will be available for purchase; more of my handmade products will also be available for purchase at crafts shows in Northeast Ohio! This includes pretty pillowcases with crochet edging, scented soy candles, crochet washcloths and more!
Check the SHOWS tab for updates.
First, I had to clear out the existing workout room and move it to another -
 that was a workout itself...for my husband:)
Here is the display setup - now it's time to work on filling it up!
The setup for shows will be a bit larger.

                                                     oops! need to iron that! ^

My little sewing station and alternate place to wrap soap:)

I love my cotton yarn supply! I go through it quickly making cute things:) 

        I thought for sure I would've filled this closet 'til the door was busting, but I was surprised to find it pretty empty! Brandon built the shelves for me:)

And my beautiful pile of cotton fabric - for dainty pillowcases with pretty crochet trim!
  Does this inspire you?

stripey giraffes

I just finished these cutey patutey crochet giraffes: the one on the right is for my niece, Samantha, I hope she loves it!

I used this FREE pattern and this is my first project using the cotton yarn from Mo Marlon in Israel, of CrochetObjet. These are really pleasant and easy to work with and are available in 70 gorgeous colors! I want to share the joy and highlight her shop because of the quality of her yarn and extraordinary service.

This one is for our baby nursery:)

 Now on Instagram, follow me to see what happens behind-the-scenes!

Does this inspire you?

give thanks

 Counting my blessings this Thanksgiving.
Something I strive to do every day God grants me breath!
Zumba, our daily bread, completing our house project down the street, my husband!

Serving in children's ministry, my job for the past 8 years, family together,
my crafts and the joy they bring!

>>But while these are good things from above, I'm most thankful for the life I have in Jesus Christ.
 The more I know Him, the more my heart wants to explode with thanksgiving...
a thankful heart is a happy heart:)

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