Monday, July 21, 2014

everything is awesome. especially when it has to do with yarn!

I've been working on little ventures between the biggest project of all (check out the Flipping the Blue House tab for updates) - and it's oh-so-fun! I'm most excited because amidst it all, I'm getting my transient license to open a small business.- I want to get a tad bit more serious and put more effort into this, like accounting stuff and selling for real online...yeah! Last year, I just attended any craft show that would take me, this year I took a break, and next year I'm going to be very selective in choosing shows I'd like to be featured in. My items will include new cold-process soap and gorgeous cotton and linen pillowcases with crochet trim

I made a pair of these baby booties for my newborn niece : )
 A princess needs a pair of comfy slippers!

And this, well, it's an unfinished "Happy Hippo." I know you can't tell she's happy just yet, but one day she'll get her muzzle!

                                                       Does this inspire you?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

granny square w. pom-pom edging

My most recent crochet project, a baby-sized blanket for my sister's expected baby in June - Leia Ann - so excited to meet and get to know her! Any project I'm making to give to someone, I tend to spend some of that time thinking and praying for them. This blanket was made in granny squares and a pom-pom edging (here's a recommended tutorial)  I used Bernat's Softee Baby acrylic yarn in WHITE and FLANNEL (the light gray color) and for the border I used I love this Yarn in LAVENDER.

Does this inspire you?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

objects of my affection

                                                  I want this :

....and I love this!

And now on to other just-as-delightful things! We've just purchased another house down the street and will soon begin our work to flip and resell it - check out the "Flipping the Blue House" page for more details and pictures!

So that means I have set aside this year all the craft shows I have prepared for - no biggie - I'm still selling my items and I'm happy for the opportunity that has come our way. I'm still fervently working on learning how to sew: I'll be making super-adorable and swanky coin purses (think tweed! vintage patterns! buttons, jewels and pleats!) and still need to start my sweet pillowcases w/a delicate crochet trim. I'm also crocheting classic stuffed animals, refurbishing a set of chairs I've inherited,---aaaaand, just kidding. That's it. I think.

(See below.) I made these iron-on transfers for my products, to label the coin purses and pillowcases. I designed it in Microsoft Word, mirrored it, then printed it on transfer paper, then followed the given directions from the transfer paper packet and ironed it on my choice of twill tape. I will then cut them and sew them into the seams. yay! 

>>An alternative is to iron it directly onto the fabric of your project- moms like to do that to label their kids clothes and school backpacks so that if lost they can be returned to its owner - there are many creative possibilities<<

                                 Does this inspire you?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

create it

I once read something in a book about writing fiction that flew in the face of what countless numbers of authors have lamented...that there's no such thing as writer's block. It goes something like this, when a writer begins writing with gusto, within a few chapters or a few days, they suddenly come to a halt. The novel is getting boring or they've run out of steam - whatever the reason - the writer has the inability to write any further. 

The book debunked that idea. And it made total sense to me - you can't just stop writing because you don't feel inspired anymore, that mystical feeling and the wonder of the magical world you were creating lost its appeal. It becomes dull, difficult. Doubt starts creeping into your mind. 

There are several cures for the so-called writers block - not really cures but practices - so that when you come to those roadblocks, you come through successfully - if it were so easy, everyone would be doing it. The answer was to keep your brain active, if you can't keep writing your piece, write something else. If you're not writing, keep your mind constantly at work, collecting, solving problems, imagining, discovering, creating. Never stop. Even when your pen does. That's the writers mind. 

And so, since that idea has been in my head from long ago, I've tried to apply it to anything I may tackle. I would like to apply that now to what I do when I'm not at work. Crafts. I’m a part-time Martha Stewart wannabe. I'm not an expert at anything, but I love to learn, to use my hands, create and have dreams bigger than my hair (I think Lady Gaga said something like that too).

I would like to tell you, if you have big dreams: to be a writer, open your own business, be a better "........", don't sit around and wait to be inspired to create something magnificent and original. Create your inspiration. Time is so precious. If someone handed you a $100 bill, would you rip it in half and throw it in the trash can? Sounds like nonsense! But that's how many spend their time, they have nothing to show for it, it's wasted. If I want to wake up at 40 and be at a certain place in my life, doing something I aspire to, then I better be doing something about it now to make it happen. (If God so chooses to keep me on earth til then!) Learning new things, not limiting yourself (you are your biggest criticizer!), meeting new people, taking RISKS> It's all about trial and error. And more error. Instead of wasting hours playing Candy Crush (don't even know what it's about), look stuff up, PIN ideas if that's your thing, take classes, ask questions, be curious. Don’t just think about it or talk about it, DO it! Practice, practice, practice. And one day you'll be that person and find yourself in a place you could only dream of at one time. 

                Don't wait for inspiration to come,  
                         Create your inspiration. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

beauty from blisters

My most favorite sort of weekend is packed with both completed house and craft projects. So satisfying! We've given our master bath a makeover and are so excited how beautiful it turned out. We're also anticipating our offer to be accepted on a house just down the street; we're looking to flip and resell. The ultimate craft project, yeah!

This is what I did this past weekend, and I have little blisters to show for it! Check out my "Rope Rug" page for more pic's and my tutorial on how to make it yourself!

                                Does this inspire you?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sew Very Happy

I've got this rousing fire in my belly - it's not an ulcer this time! - a sensational and boundless desire to imagine, discover and cReAte! Once again I have taken hold of a lingering idea and have opened an unexplored door to new aspirations.

Sounds climactic, but when it comes to chasing my dreams, there's a lot of intensity that drives and underlines the delightful journey.

I'm learning how to sew. Not too surprising - I learned a bit when I was younger, my mom - and her parents - were all skilled tailors, dressmakers and seamstresses. Truly some of the finest in their expertise! Since I've started crocheting, I've been having more ideas for projects that include sewing - I just couldn't shake it - I finally gave in. Bought a used sewing machine, starting taking lessons from my mom. A marvelous time indeed!

I'm currently working on these sweet and swanky pillowcases - lined with gorgeous French seams, a delicate crochet border. I'm also crocheting doily rugs - using this 1893 doily pattern  - I thought I'd never go there either, but these are so addicting to make! Check out my "Motif Crochet Rugs" tab. If not to give as gifts, we have a couple of spare bedrooms that I can spruce up with my crafts : )

In the midst of this glorious seemingly chaotic-but-actually-orderly state that is my mind, I'm working diligently to prepare for the many craft shows I will be in this summer. All that info is on the ride side column of my blog. Hope to see you there!

the start of a rug
finished a baby-sized eyelet ripple blanket

the new crochet trimmed pillowcases

spent the weekend creating and organizing a cute sewing room in our house
learning from the best

getting the earrings ready for shows!!
                                            Does this inspire you?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

So There's This Pile of Stuff.

I've got this great big heap of pretty scraps of fabric and other things. I save everything from all my projects. Things that I am convinced I'll surely never have use for, well, a craft opportunity always comes knocking at my door. So I've come up with a sweet little idea to use up the rest of this fabric, beads, lace etc. Fabric Flowers! It'll be divine. I've got a few bird cages at home that I wanted to fill so this will be just the thing.

Take a peak at the one-of-a-kind fabric covered recipes books I've been working on and already selling- click the "Recipe Books" tab - many more to come! 

Let's see what di la di daaa...Ah yes! Another project I'll be doing - and these things are all items I will have available for sale at next years craft shows - will be ribbon bookmarks (Check out the tab). Gorgeous, huge collection of strips of ribbon, lace, vintage pendants, beads, all to adorn your books and keep the wonderful and magical experience of reading. No two bookmarks alike. My nose is always stuck in a book (or three!) so this only makes sense to make something like this. I want to share the love! and the cuteness!!

And through it all, still crocheting! I'm currently working on a ripple blanket, and another really awesome super cool thing I'll be starting is a crochet rug! YES! It's so interesting, and chunky, I just had to try it out. I would like to put it in one of our spare bedroom's that hopefully will be a baby room one day:) All coming soon!

Have a most Joyous and Merry Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth!